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how about doing sth 网络 做某事怎么样; 怎样做某事 How about to do sth 如何做某事/做某事怎么样 例句 1 How about being unable to do something that was possible? 如果不能做一些本来能做的事情怎么办? 2 How about being unabie to do ...

我们的考试方式使孩子们都考傻了。有的语言形式是约定俗成的。没有为什么,只有是什么。目前只见过这种形式。How about doing sth

都表示建议 是同义句 可以代换 就是How about doing sth?=What about doing sth?(做某事怎么样)

by doing sth 为固定语法,不能称之为短语词组 how about doing sth.也为固定语法,但也可称之为一种句型结构。 短语:通常由各种动词,名词,介词组成的词组不等,如:be fraid of/connect to/with等 句型:要成为一个句子,不能缺的就是主语和...


I'm thinking about doing my homework. Character is about doing the right thing. What about doing my chores for me? It's not about how fast you do it; it's about doing it well. We can set about doing the laundry tomorrow.

同意: yes , good idea, why not, 不同意:sorry,but..

完整的应该是: How do you think about doing sth....

what about doing something? why not do something?

这个是表达“做什么事怎么样呢?”之意,主要是用来提出建议,征得赞同。 Ex:what about/how about having sth.to eat ?(吃点东西好吗?) what about/how about seeing a film ?(去看电影好吗?) PS: what about/how about + 名词。 Ex:what a...

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