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how about doing sth 网络 做某事怎么样; 怎样做某事 How about to do sth 如何做某事/做某事怎么样 例句 1 How about being unable to do something that was possible? 如果不能做一些本来能做的事情怎么办? 2 How about being unabie to do ...

by doing sth 为固定语法,不能称之为短语词组 how about doing sth.也为固定语法,但也可称之为一种句型结构。 短语:通常由各种动词,名词,介词组成的词组不等,如:be fraid of/connect to/with等 句型:要成为一个句子,不能缺的就是主语和...

What about=how about 起用法完全一样。 某事或某物怎么样? What about sth? 干某事怎么样? What about doing sth? 这里的about 是 prep.(介词)凡是在介词后的动词都应用doing形式 Eg: What about the dog? What about singing ?

同意: yes , good idea, why not, 不同意:sorry,but..

what about swimming? what about running? what about singing? what about dancing? what about drawing? what about writing?

What about doing sth.因为about是介词,后面要接名词,所以要转换为动名词形式。

这两个要看怎么用了! 一般情况下是be about to do sth.意思是将要做某事.例如 He is about to sleep. about doing sth一种是因为about是一个介词,介词后面要跟名词,所以把动词该成动名词加上ing,另一种是固定句型,例如How about doing sth.或者W...

一样,都是 做某事怎么样?

表示建议。 What about doing sth= how about doing=why not do sth=why don't we+谓语=shall we do sth

完整的应该是: How do you think about doing sth....

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