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how woulD you usE

Computers play an important role in the modern world. Today they are used in many areas of human activities, such as business, industry, science, and education. The development of computers has also created many attractive job ...


if you don't know to say in Enligsh, you have to use body language.


It seems that study takes the majority of time in my daily life. homework and tests come one after another, i have to spend lots of time dealing with them. such tense schedule makes me tired sometimes. so i usually do something...


The robot should be used for doing hausework, for example, cooking food, cleaning and so on.

如果你的杂货店周围有一家可以打折的加油站 那么你有多经常使用它(使用它的频率是多少)


much answer around now think other more once away

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